iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is one of the best School/College Organizer Application. It provides a very simple and “iOS like” user interface, which for me, is one of the major benefits of this environment. It also integrates with iOS Calendar App for your private events non-School related.

It’s current Price is set at $2.99 on the iTunes AppStore, yet this is an iPhone/iPad Application. You can also find this Application for your Mac on the Mac AppStore for $9.99. (For more information you can visit the Developer Website here.)

When opened for the first time, you’ll be asked whether you want to use the Sample Information (for demonstration proposes) or cut right to your own information. In this Showcase we used the Sample Info, for convenience.



You’ll be presented with 4 icons on the bottom. The first shows your Today’s Schedule, the Second your Calendar (private events on the Calendar App will also appear in case you choose to), the Third refers to your Assignments and finally the last one is your Planner.



On the Calendar view you can choose to quickly see your Schedule or your Assignments for each day.

Schedule View


Assignments View


Still on the Calendar view, if you turn your iPhone in Landscape mode you’ll be presented with a 5 day Time Table. When pressed, the events will pop out the information related to them. Event type (Class, Lab, Presentation, etc.), Start and End time, Name of the Event and even the location.

Calendar View Landscape



The Assignments Icon shows both the current and completed items on your Courses. The Current Assignments you can list by Due Date, Course and Priority. This way you can decide what to do and when, in a more accurate way.

Current Assignments


Completed Assignments 


Assignments Form



On the Planner view you have access to your Semesters (and if you configure it, your GPA), your Holidays and your Instructors.

Planner view of Semesters


Planner view of Holidays


Planner view of Instructors


Bottom Line

This is a really useful Application for an iPhone standalone usage. It gives you access to all your course information on a very simple and User Friendly Interface, specially on-the-go. If you also have an iPad or a Mac, then you should really consider buying this Application as it offers a common environment on the three platforms on a hassle-free system.

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