WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a cross platform messenger App. This application allows to send Text, Image, Video, Sound Recordings, Contacts and Location Information from your iPhone to any Smartphone out there capable of running WhatsApp, for FREE.

According to their site, it’s currently available for iOS (iPhone only), Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone. You can download it from the iTunes AppStore for $0,99.

Now the Welcome Screen,

Initial Screen


First, WhatsApp will ask your permission to scan your address book in order to ease the invitation/communication of your contacts. It will also ask to send you notifications, which you should allow as this is a Application that uses Push Notifications to alert you.


You’ll have to enter your cellphone number to activate the application, then you’ll receive a 6-digit activation code on your cell.

Phone Number Setup


Activation Code


Creating Profile

Couldn’t be easier, just import your Facebook information and tap done.

Profile Setup



By default, should you have given permission to access your address book info, the application will add all your contacts to the Favorites list. In my opinion, kind of a dumb thing. You can remove all contacts from the Favorites list by taping Edit -> Delete All.




Passing the Favorites List, the next thing to do is configuring your status. You can either select one of the defaults or you can type in your own Status.

Status Defaults





Next up is the real thing, Chats. The layout and the UI is pretty straight forward, very familiar and easy to use.
Just select one of your contacts to start the chat conversation, and then you can add to your text an Image, Video, Sound Recordings, Contacts and Location Information.



Contacts Selection




Bottom Line

So, if your friends and acquaintances mostly use iPhones, then WhatsApp becomes a little bit useless as you already have iMessage. And even if they don’t have an iPhone but they have a Facebook account you can also use the Facebook Messenger App (which is free). Otherwise, if your friends mostly use Androids or any other Smartphone, WhatsApp comes really handy and it is a really cheap application.

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