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OmniFocus is a powerful organizer application with a lot of useful features that allow you to get your day focused!

The OmniFocus environment works is three different platforms. The iPhone, the iPad and Mac. There are two different iOS applications, one for the iPhone and another to the iPad. The reason to this difference is that the OmniFocus team decided to give iOS users a slightly different UI on each Application. This approach results in spending money in two Applications instead of just one. Yet, the three way approach to this environment is highly advised, as it gives you the full package on organizing and keeping track of all your projects, everywhere.


You can Download OmniFocus for iPhone for $19.99, OmniFocus for iPad for $39.99 and OmniFocus for Mac for $79.99.

For more information check The Omni Group website here.

Welcome to OmniFocus!

When you open OmniFocus for the first time, you can choose to use it with or without syncing.

Opening Screen


Sync Setup

You can choose from multiple syncing options. We used the Omni Sync Server, that works more or less as iCloud (except that you have to force the sync as it isn’t automatic).

Sync Setup



After the sync setup you’ll be presented with the “Home” view. Here you can see all the options to browse your Actions.




On the Inbox you can save those actions that don’t have a particular context or don’t integrate a project. This could work as a Reminder list or so.

Inbox View


In any entry you make on OmniFocus, this is the layout you are given:

Inbox Entry


If you assign any context or project to this item it will be automatically pushed to those folders, instead of remaining in your Inbox. You can add a start and end date, as well as a repeating schedule. Also, you can attach Images, Videos or Sound Recordings to your item.


This is a list of all your Projects. Active, On Hold, Completed and Dropped. You can change the viewing properties to Next Action, Available, Remaining and All.

Projects View


Inside a project you can trigger the same viewing options and see all your actions.



On this folder you can organize your tasks according to the context of your task. I.E. if you have a Project at work you don’t want to think of it when you are at home. So, OmniFocus only shows you the tasks you have at Home. (Clever!)

Contexts View


You can also sort the tasks by Due Date & Flagged or Project (only available on Contexts folder).



The Map feature is just to give you a different view over your Location Contexts. Doesn’t go much far than that.




This is a really, really, interesting view of your tasks. With Forecast, you can preview the next 6 days of tasks (if you set them a due date). In this option, your iOS Calendar Events will also appear so that you don’t miss anything.

Forecast View


Bottom Line

If you happen to be really strict with your Daily tasks and your Projects (as me), this is a great Application option. I know it isn’t the cheapest, and you can easily find other options, even for free, but this one is probably the most versatile and complete as it integrates with all your devices and Mac.

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