Real Racing 3


Real Racing 3 is the Ultimate Racing Experience for iOS and Android. With the new feature called Time Shifted Multiplayer, players can now challenge each other without being physically playing together, at the same time.

The third issue of this long time announced game, came with a different Marketing Sale approach. Usually, companies set their launching price to a low-end to motivate people to buy it. Yet, this Game came as a FREE download for both iPhone and iPad and also for the Android devices. Another big upgrade of this simulator, when compared to the last Real Racing, is the connection to Facebook. Challenging friends made easy as pie. Of course Game Center is a very good platform for Gaming interactions, like challenges and leader boards, etc. The drawback is that not everyone has an account. Why? Because it gives too much trouble, as for Facebook integration a simple connect button will do the trick.

Now concerning the actual gameplay, RR3 is the best experience I’ve ever had on a handled software distribution. The graphics and designs are astonishing and let you immerse at 100% in this reality. For this showcase we used the iPad instead of the iPhone due to the better performance of the big one.


As always, you can either control the car with the built-in accelerometer or with the touch controls. For the first time, when you choose the interior perspective of the car you can see through the rearview mirrors the ongoing race! All the details of the car have been carefully designed and even the car gauges change according to your speed, as if you we’re really driving the car.


The Tracks

For the first time, tracks are real ones. Some of the most historical racing tracks are now available for users to race.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-2


As for the cars, they made an effort to make them more destructive therefore more realistic.


There are 46 unique cars to be collected and to be tuned to their best performance possible.


Also, now you have to repair your car. When you finish a race, your levels of oil, tires, brakes, engine and suspension are affected. This means that after every race your car will need to be cared, otherwise the performance will decrease. This represents another huge amount or realism when making a career.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3

Bottom Line

If you are a big fan of Racing Simulation games, Real Racing 3 is the best game you’ll find this days. The fact that this big game is free should be an incentive to do, at least, a simple test to see if it’s worth or not.

You can download Real Racing 3 for free, today on the iTunes App Store for both iPhone and iPad

For more information visit the developer website here.

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