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Moves is the Best Application to track your daily activity, with a lot of powerful features and a State of the Art Design. It’s free and it’s a Must Have! You can download it on the iTunes App Store here.

There are a lot of applications to keep track of your exercise routines, yet, none of them offers the whole package with the same simplicity and such an intuitive user interface as you are given with Moves. The setup of this application is pretty straightforward, you just have to download and open it. Then, the application will start running on the background and it will be collecting all the available data from the accelerometer, the gyro and your positioning from the GPS Software. You are probably thinking that you’ll need an active internet connection for this to work, well you are wrong. The app will only connect to the internet to send the collected data in order to present its results. As battery consumption is concerned, despite the application website stating it consumes a lot of battery life, my experience shows almost no difference when running the application on the background. (I’ve been using the app every day, all days for the last month)MovesBanner

Walking, Running and Cycling

Three applications all-in-one. The application distinguishes if you are running, walking, cycling or even on a transport(car, bus, train), allowing you to have a really accurate record of all your moves.


Ways to count

The app shows your Walking records in three different ways, Steps, Distance Covered and Time.



Every day the app starts a new storyboard with all your movements. The storyboard can also be viewed on a Map.



Bottom Line

Whether you intend to use this as an exercising bundle or just to record your movements, Moves is the best Application for this purposes offering a lot more with much less than others.

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