Presentations are the base of Productivity, and so is Keynote. Every slideshow is created with all the possibilities for your content in your presentation. Powerful, great User Interface, Portable and Connected, this is what makes Keynote my first and only choice of Slideshows Software.

Not far from the other two iWork Applications, Keynote also integrates with iCloud and the User Interface scheme is basically the same as in the others.



With Keynote not a single detail is missed on your slideshow. The usual powerful toolbars and sharp designs allow the user to re-imagine his presentations.


But first, one must choose a Theme.
Every Apple fan who attend to Apple’s Keynotes knows that all their con tent always looks vivid and with cut-edge design. Here is the secret, they make them with Keynote. Actually, the most common Theme used by Apple is called Gradient and comes right in the Themes pallet.



On the toolbar the user can access the Inspector, Media, Animations and Document Settings pane. Within the Smart Inspector, Style and Text can be edited and customized as the user pleases, when text is selected.

KeynoteScreens-5 KeynoteScreens-6 KeynoteScreens-7

When a Chart is selected different options are accessible.


The Media pane allows the user to import any kind of content stored on his iDevice, including Shared Photo Streams, but also create new Tables or Charts and even Shapes.


What’s a Slideshow without animations? A PDF, exactly! There are a lot of Animations which can be applied to the presentation content, with instant live previews.

KeynoteScreens-10 KeynoteScreens-11

Finally, on the Documents Settings, the user can share his work as a Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF document, add presentation notes and also configure a Keynote Remote application on the Advanced Tab.

KeynoteScreens-12 Bottom Line

If you are a teacher, reporter, student or just like to lecture your family and friends with Keynote your job just gets easier, yet better. You can argue that Microsoft Office Applications are better than iWork’s, but not on a mobile platform.

You can download Keynote for $9,99 on the iTunes App Store here. More information on the Apple Website about Numbers and the other iWork Applications.

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