Numbers is the Spreadsheet Application for iOS that gives you all the tools you need just with a finger tap.

This Application works exactly as you would expect, seemingly to the Mac Version of Numbers. Inspite of many users prefer to use the Microsoft Excel, Numbers offers a more concerned User Interface than Excel, without compromising any of the power this application is expected to have.

Get Started

Numbers, as well as the other iWork applications, works with iCloud. In fact, on of the most important features this app has and the others don’t is the cloud service. This will come really handy if you happen to have any other iDevice or a Mac, yet Windows users can still access their content on the web over the service.



When adding a new spreadsheet, you can choose from a huge variety of templates to help you creating the exact document you want. From Blank to a GPA calculator you have pretty much everything. If you rather import your own template simply upload it to iTunes and when creating a new Spreadsheet choose the option “Import from iTunes”.



The toolbar has all the powerful goodies you’ll ever need when working on your iDevice. You have access to every tiny detail of every single cell on the sheet. Cell Editor, Charts, Media, Document Settings and of course Tables. All take advantage the intuitiveness of the touch input.
NumbersScreens-6 NumbersScreens-9 NumbersScreens-7

Manipulating a 3D Chart never been easier!

Numbers allows the user to arrange all the elements to best possible way. Also images are included.

NumbersScreens-13 NumbersScreens-17

Share your Work

When sharing comes to mind, numbers still has its magic. You can either share it via email, open in another app (as Dropbox), Copy to iTunes and even your WebDAV server.
Now you’re probably thinking “Wait, what if other people do not have a Numbers App to see the spreadsheet?”. Well, Numbers allows you to share it as a Numbers file, Excel or PDF so that your spreadsheet is available in every platform.


Bottom Line

Having a powerful machine and choosing not to take advantage of its power is just wrong. Whether viewing a spreadsheet from work or making a fast calculation on the go, Numbers is the best option you have. On this era of the Post PC Devices, the iPad with iWork becomes a really powerful competitor to the PC, giving you the possibility to have all you need to be productive anywhere you are.

You can download Numbers for $9,99 on the iTunes App Store here. More information on the Apple Website about Numbers and the other iWork Applications.

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