Elegant and Simple, yet Powerful. Pages is the Word processor App that you should die for.

Carrying around briefcases with tons of paper that you mostly don’t even need, but that you have just in case? You are doing it wrong. The main reason I got myself an iPad is to be able to write and read all the papers I need, whenever I need. Without fuss, complications and briefcases.



A lot of people use their laptops to write down notes, reports, reviews, papers, etc. The thing is, why carry an old, heavy and big computer (even a Mac) if you can use just the iPad? With Pages, all the word processing activities are now possible, with a really good application. As you should expect, Pages uses iCloud to have all your papers and documents in Sync with your iDevices and your Mac.


Pages isn’t a simple text editor like the Native iOS Notes app or even Evernote. It’s way beyond that. It’s a first class text editing app. When starting a new document the user can choose between a collection of 16 Templates, from a Formal Letter to Recipe.



Inside each document the user can add multiple images. Those can be then adjusted to perfection with just a few taps.



All the features you have on a Text Editing desktop application, you have here on Pages. Text Styles, Charts, Tables, Shapes and also Document Settings, such as margins and layouts.

PagesScreens-9 PagesScreens-10 PagesScreens-11

Reading and Writing

This application is designed to offer both experiences on the device. Whether you are reading a paper or writing one, Pages adjusts to your necessities. When turned into landscape the keyboard fills almost half of the beautiful 9.7” Retina Display.


Bottom Line

There is no other Word Processing App beside Pages. If you bought your iPad to give the old PC some rest, start by acquiring this Application. And you’ll see that you’ll only need the PC as collection piece.

You can download Pages for $9,99 on the iTunes App Store here. More information on the Apple Website about Numbers and the other iWork Applications.

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