iA Writer


iA Writer is considered by many the Pro writing app for both Mac OS and iOS. This application offers a clutter free environment for writers who just want to focus on the writing itself.

As it is a multi platform application we’ll show you both Mac and iOS versions. Since iA Writer has this dual environment it comes with iCloud integration and it’s probably one of the best features it has to offer.

For me as a writer and publisher, I found iA Writer really useful as it clears my screen from all the distractions when writing takes place. Opening the app all you have to worry is the essence of your writing, all the rest is taken away. No formatting is required or text style.

Full Screen Mode

If you really want to immerse on your writing the full screen mode is your best option. The feel you get is as if you were typing on an old typewriter from your grandpa. As you can see on the screen bellow nothing else is on your display, apart from the writing.


Focus Mode

This is the only configuration you have. It adds an extra layer of focusing when enabled. Dimming the rest of the text, only the current paragraph you are creating is vivid. As for me, I don’t really use this because I like to embrace the text as a hole and dimming part of the piece isn’t helpful.


Stats Bar

On the bottom of the iA Writer app you have a bar containing all the information about the piece you are writing. Word and Characters count and also the Reading Time.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 19.44.50

Focusing on iOS

The iOS version of iA Writer gives the same level of focusing as the Mac OS one. Both apps work on a very seemingly way actually. Which is great as you can start on a Mac and finish on your way home on your iPad without having to adapt to a different environment.



iOS Keyboard

When writing on the iPad, the keyboard you have ins’t really big. You also lack of important keys like the “tab” and the navigation keys. Nonetheless, iA Writer provides a shortcut bar with this keys enabling the navigation through the text really easy and smooth.


Bottom Line

For writers and publishers this bundle is probably one of the best. We at App Showcase all use this platform and couldn’t be more satisfied. In terms of pricing, iA Writer App for iOS costs $0.99 and works on both iPad and iPhone and you can buy it here. As for the Mac version, the App costs $4.99 and it’s just amazing! Download here.

For more information about iA Writer visit iA website here.

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